5 Things California: Steve Wigginton, David Panush, Care4All

Next week we release our Detailed Agenda with a list of almost 70 speakers lined up for our annual event in Sacramento. Until then, however, we’ve highlighted a few interesting sessions you’ll see next week among the 5 Things We’re Watching this week in California health care and health policy.

California Health Policy Strategies launches “fun and easy colonoscopy prep.com”

California Health Policy Strategies has sponsored the launch of a new website with an interesting take on getting people excited about colonoscopies. The website’s url is www.fun-and-easy-colonoscopy-prep.com, and features a “colonoscopy cartoon cavalcade,” a colon quiz, and a colonoscopy completion certificate. The website also introduces “Collin the Colon” through an introductory teaser video.

Reentry Health Policy Project: Overview and Policy Briefs – March 2018

The Reentry Health Policy Project is working to (1) identify state and county-level policies and practices that impede the delivery of effective health and behavioral health care services for formerly incarcerated individuals who are medically fragile (MF) and living with serious mental illness (SMI), as they return to the community; (2) find best practices that …

A Collaborative Approach for Patients with Diabetes

As front-line health care providers, optometrists are seeing alarming increases in the prevalence of diabetes among their patients. In response, the California Optometric Association (COA) has spearheaded a statewide effort to improve prevention, early intervention and treatment of this deadly disease. Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans. Lower income individuals have significantly higher incidence of diabetes, but …

How Many Incarcerated Individuals Received Psychotropic Medication in California Jails: 2012­-2017

This policy brief uses data from the Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) to estimate the number of jail inmates who receive psychotropic medication and assess the relative representation of this group among the jail population. To provide a measure of the prevalence of mental illness in jail, we reviewed data from 45 counties …

Caring For Individuals With Diabetes: Medical Group Report Card For Medicare Advantage Members

Data from the California Office of the Patient Advocate and Integrated Healthcare Association allow us to compare Medical Groups serving patients enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans in California in 2015-2016. These slides present diabetes-related quality scores for 171 different medical groups. At the end of this presentation is a comprehensive list of all the medical …

Reentry Health Project Report: Highlights – Power Point Presentation, January 2018

Objective: Identify state and county-level policies and practices that impede the delivery of effective health and behavioral health care services to people who are reentering their communities following incarceration in prison or jail; and find best practices that can be replicated at the state and local level.

Reentry Health Policy Project: Meeting the Serious Medical and Mental Health Needs of Californians Leaving Jails and Prison

Justice-involved populations tend to experience high rates of physical and mental health problems within complicated social contexts, including long term unemployment, chronic system dependence, weak social ties, and residence in economically-depressed areas. Consequently, many are high utilizers of multiple systems who pose unique challenges to the correctional, community health, and social service systems that are …

Capitol Morning Report – Catching up with David Panush

David Panush writes a song for just about every turning point in life. The former external affairs director for Covered California, who retired two years ago at 56, wrote his theme song for retirement, sort of a country/blues tune—“you don’t know where you’re going to, what you’re gonna do, you gotta make the most of …

Podcast: Sacramento Insiders Discuss the Upcoming 2018 Legislative Session

The 2018 legislative session is just around the corner. And with a big election year in California, health care politics are becoming even more important. This session will bring you up to speed on what’s happening in Sacramento policy discussions, and point the way towards what to expect in 2018.