A Backdoor Attack on Health Care – Just Say No

By David Panush

Fox&Hounds Daily, December 15, 2017

Like drunken sailors on holiday, the Republican Congress and President Trump are poised to enact a massive, end-of-the year tax give-away. The top 1% of American taxpayers benefit the most with hopes that some will trickle down. After spending years touting their fiscal responsibility and railing against the federal deficit, their tax proposal is expected …

Fixing Obamacare: It Can Be Done

By David Panush And John Kabateck

Capitol Weekly, October 17, 2017

Health care is something that should transcend political parties, ideological doctrines and beltway politics. As crazy as that sounds, Democrats and Republicans have found ways in the past to bridge the partisan divide on major health policy issues such as insurance for low-income children, the expansion of Medicare to include drugs, and changing the way …

Covered California Tells Insurers To Plan For The Worst

By Emily Bazar

California Healthline, June 2, 2017

Amid growing uncertainty over federal health care funding, Covered California is calling on health insurers to prepare for the worst. The state health insurance exchange Wednesday instructed participating insurers to submit alternative premium hike proposals for 2018 in the event they lose federal payments for subsidies that reduce some consumers’ out-of-pocket medical expenses. These so-called …

Here’s A Bipartisan Approach Of Simple Fixes To Reform Health Care

By John Kabateck and David Panush

The Sacramento Bee, April 12, 2017

When it comes to health reform, we don’t agree on much. As the former executive director of the National Federation of Independent Business in California, and as the former external affairs director for Covered California, we’ve mostly been on opposite sides of the table. In numerous public forums, we’ve debated the question of how best to fix …

A California Fight for Universal Health Care

By Lisa Renner

Capitol Weekly, March 1, 2017

With the Affordable Care Act facing an uncertain future, could California set up its own universal health care system as an alternative? State senators Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens, and Toni Atkins, D-San Diego, recently introduced a bill to do just that — the most recent of several failed attempts to set up a single-payer system …