About Lora Gilmore

As a former health plan executive and state regulator, Lora brings with her nearly two decades of experience and expertise in California’s health insurance marketplace.   Lora has a keen sense of how to pull the levers of sustainable growth in California’s complex health insurance market.  Lora has a passion for developing patient-centered solutions through digital transformation, and has a strong track record of removing access barriers for patients in both public and private health insurance, as well as for the uninsured.  

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Contact Information:

Email: lora.gilmore@calhps.com

Phone: (530) 635-4176

As a Director of Business Change , Lora served on the Anthem Blue Cross leadership team and successfully led the strategic implementation of key provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to fortify and grow mid-market business.  Additionally, as a digital health ambassador, Lora led initiatives in the area of telehealth, wellness, and benefit administration systems.  She spearheaded Anthem’s first rollout of innovative wearable fitness tracking and mobile health consumer benefits platforms to over 3 million members.

Prior to Anthem, Lora was part of the leadership team at the California Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC).  She was responsible for ensuring stability of the managed health care delivery system, focused on the enforcement of the Knox-Keene Act standards regarding provider network adequacy, block transfers, medical group solvency, provider reimbursement, and “surprise” balance billing.  Further, she led the development of long-range plans to ensure managed care provider networks properly addressed and accommodated the needs of Seniors and Persons with Disabilities as part of the “Bridge to Reform” Medi-Cal Waiver.  Additionally, she served on the Board of Directors for the California Telehealth Network and the California Healthcare Investment Advisory Committee.

Prior to her work with the State, she was integral in the establishment of PacifiCare’s legislative affairs office, which became a model for UnitedHealthcare’s multi-state priority legislative program.  Lora has a Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology & Audiology from California State University, Sacramento, and lives with her husband and children in Northern California.  She is a member of the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe), and is an active volunteer in many organizations that help women and children.