About Sara Manns

Sara brings expertise in policy, strategy, advocacy and data analytics, and carries a long-term passion for improving health equity outcomes for families and children.

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Contact Information:

Email: sk@blackriverstrategy.com

Sara is the campaign director for Health Access New Mexico, leading the New Mexico Coalition for Affordable Prescription’s efforts to control pharmacy costs. She has extensive experience leading political and issue campaigns, including founding and leading Just New Mexico. Sara led business development, marketing communications, and technology implementation as a co-founder and partner for Northstar Technology, working with dozens of software development firms to implement IT solutions for electronic health records, revenue management, patient experience platforms, and HR and risk management in health plans, large health care systems, clinics and professional associations ranging from Sutter Health to the Cleveland Clinic. She is deeply knowledgeable about the business software problems faced by small and large health care institutions and their concerns about security compliance, governance and data exchange requirements.